Global Shipping Experts - With Over 50 Years Experience
Easy, Safe … and Affordable
It’s fast. Transit times can be as little as 4 days.
Selling and buying can cost more than shipping.
You end up with a car you know and love.
It’s cheaper than you think…
NO taxes on import if eligible for an import tax exemption
Exemptions apply to first time immigrants or returning New Zealand, UK and Irish citizens.
Call our office to see if you meet the criteria, We can guide you every step of the way.
We’re also here to assist you in assembling the documents required. We make the whole process easy.

You Might Have These Concerns About Shipping Your Vehicle Overseas

  • Will it arrive safely?
  • What documentation do I need?
  • Will I need to pay tax?
  • Am I able to leave anything in the car?
  • What happens at the destination?
  • How long does it take?
  • How much will it cost?
Willship will make the process easy - we’re here to handle it all and answer all your questions.
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Modern Day Shipping is Very Safe

We all use an interactive online platform, data is always logged as it moves from one stage to the next and everyone that forms part of that journey is accountable eg: receiving on to the tow truck, delivery off the tow truck to the port, receiving into the port, movement from the port on to the vessel, movement from the vessel on to the destination port, clearance through customs and quarantine, handover to the destination tow truck driver, delivery of vehicle to the clients chosen destination - it’s comprehensively monitored the whole way through so there is no change of it ‘going missing’ or us not knowing exactly where it is at any point of the transit. We’ve been shipping cars to and from Australia for more than a decade. We are the International car shipping experts you can trust.
We Take Care of the Entire Journey
Supporting you to get all key documents together
Organizing the international shipping from start to finish
Clearing your car through customs
On road registration at your destination country*
*Some of these are optional...

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What Our Clients Say

We have moved thousands of vehicles in and out of Australia. Our team understands how important it is to safely move your goods from one place to another. That is why we will look after your asset while in-transit and deliver it to the designated location whilst taking the utmost care. Whether you are purchasing aluxury or classic car from overseas or you're moving aboard and want to take your cargo with you, you can trust Willship with your shipping needs. We are the international shipping partner you can depend on and our past clients can attest to our proven track record!

Common Questions And Responses

Australia To New Zealand RoRo Shipping

+ 1. Can I put anything in my car?
+ 2. Why can’t I put things in my car when shipping Roll on, Roll off?
+ 3. Can I ship my car still under finance?
+ 4. What if I can’t get a registration certificate or Purchase Invoice / Bill of Sale?
+ 5. Do I apply for the GST exemption?
+ 6. Can I drop my car off or pick my car up from the port directly?
+ 7. Do you have to be there when the vehicle is collected?
+ 8. Do I have to be in NZ to pick my car up?
+ 9. Can I leave a baby seat in my car?
+ 10. What does the compliance process entail?
+ 11. Why do I need to put my car through compliance?
+ 12. Can I get my car roadworthy here for it to be complied in NZ?
+ 13. I want to proceed with a booking what steps do I take from here?
+ 14. When do I need to pay my invoice?
+ 15. How clean does my car need to be?
+ 16. Can you help with compliance in Lyttleton or Nelson?
+ 17. How long does it take to receive my vehicle after the vessel arrives?
+ 18. How much does quarantine cleaning cost if my vehicle fails it’s inspection?