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How Safe is it to Ship a Car Overseas?

The short answer to this question is: very safe!

The longer answer is still very safe, although in this article we will explain exactly why it is so safe as well as what you can do to increase the chances of your car arriving at its destination unscathed.


Container Shipping

Container shipping is the safest method of shipping and almost guarantees your car will arrive at its destination exactly as you sent it.

Before loading your car onto the ship your shipping company will fully secure your car in the container and close it off. This will then not be opened until it reaches its destination and has been unloaded off the ship.

If you have a really high-value car or are worried about your car being damaged, container shipping could be the way to go.

Roll-On/Roll-Off Shipping

Roll-on/Roll- off shipping is the most common shipping method. Everyone from car dealers and manufacturers to people moving house or going on holiday use this shipping method to send their car (or cars) overseas.

Your car will be driven or rolled onto the ship, then tied or strapped down securely onto the deck in what looks like a giant indoor car park. While the fact that the car is driven onto the ship does open up the chance of superficial damage due to human error, this is incredibly rare.

What Can You Do To Increase The Chances Of Your Car Arriving Safely?

If you are still worried there are some things you can do to ensure everything will be as safe as possible. These are:

Choose A Shipping Company with Experience Shipping Cars

This one is obvious, if you choose a company that has experience shipping cars they will know more about how to get your car from A to B without any trouble. Another thing to think about is the type of car you car you have. If you are shipping a high value or a classic car, make sure your shipping company has experience with this type of car.

Fully Prepare Your Car For Shipping

The better your car is prepared for shipping, the fewer things there are that could go wrong or potentially cause problems.

Purchase Shipping Insurance

Purchasing insurance is always a sensible thing to do. While it won’t stop any damage to your car, it will reduce the effects that any damage to your car has on your wallet!




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