Global Shipping Experts - With Over 50 Years Experience

There are three core things you need from your Freight Forwarder

• Someone you can trust with your goods
• Someone you can build a working relationship with
• Someone that can handle it all

As one of Australia’s leading freight forwarders, we’re committed to providing ongoing support, strategy, and solutions to ensure we establish the best long term working relationship with our clients.

Our Experts Handle Everything From Start To Finish

Our experienced network can take care of the full range of air freight and sea freight forwarding services that will make your life easier:

• Collection of cargo from the supplier
• International Freight to and from Australia
• Customs clearance at all ports within Australia
• Local transport from port to door via rail, truck or courier
• Track and trace for real time cargo location
• Warehousing and Distribution
• Cargo Insurance
• Export Air Cargo Clearance

• Export Sea Cargo Clearance

• Export Freight From Australia to anywhere in the world


At Willship, we look at all options to find you the best possible solution to move your goods. We will guide you through the process from start to finish, and offer up to date advice and recommendations to ensure the cargo is moved in the most effective and timely manner. We like to think of ourselves as logistics strategists first and foremost, freight forwarders second. We’re here to support you in running your business.

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What We Ship
Food Products
Lighting Towers
Disability and aged care goods
Transport Equipment
Medical and veterinary supplies
Plus much more! Get in touch with us for further information.

A Shipping Network that Spans the Globe

Willship’s vast freight forwarding network truly spans the globe. There are, however, certain destinations where the safety of goods, and agents cannot be guaranteed. We therefore will not risk your goods or our reputation by servicing these locations.

As for Australia and the rest of the world, we have daily contact with our worldwide team of over 125 experienced agents. They are there to determine the best possible rates and provide personalised service, offering proactive information and a wealth of experience.

Where we ship

Our aim is to build a long-standing relationship with our customers and help them build their businesses. We like to think ourselves as more than just freight forwarders, we feel that  freight consultants or logistics strategists would be a more accurate description of what we do. We work out effective solutions for individuals, families, and business’s who are trying to navigate the complex world of international logistics. We look for ways we can make improvements in their current supply chains and we assist in cutting costs and lead times through effective freight management.

With offices in Australia and New Zealand, and a vast network of freight forwarding partners and agents all over the world, we can offer cargo services to and from China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Italy, Spain, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, France, England, Ireland, Scotland, USA, Canada and many more.

Our Global Networks Are Working For You

In a global business it’s all about the relationships you build. Our network of agents and service providers has been established over many years of mutual trust and co-operation.

In many parts of the world, strong relationships can mean preferential assistance. It’s good to know that, if required, we have the ability to call upon our contacts for the benefit of our customers.



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Client Testimonials

We have moved tens of thousands of shipments in and out of Australia and all over the world. Our team has spent decades building long term successful relationships with our clients and fine tuning every aspect of our process to ensure our service offering is second to none. We are the international shipping partner you can depend on and our past and present clients can attest to our proven track record!


Willship International

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