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Shipping Your Vehicle Home To Ireland Has Plenty Of Benefits
Tax Free
Moving to the Ireland to live means your personal vehicle enters the country tax free! Ask us how.
Keep the vehicle you know and love.
You know it, you love it, keep driving it!
Ship Personal Items FREE
Our container service means you can also utilize the space around the vehicle to load your personal items.
We will listen to your needs and tailor a quote to suit YOU
Use your own container If you already own a shipping container we can move it for you!
Increased Vehicle Values
Your vehicle could be worth more in Ireland than in Australia. Meaning it could have a great resale value - making you money.

Are There Any Taxes?

No Tax, No Duty, No VAT

Ownership and use over the last 6 months means you should be able to import your vehicle into Ireland tax free, Our experienced staff will be able to guide you through the required documentation. You will know what to expect from the outset – NO costly surprises

How do I get the vehicle on the road?

We can guide you through the process from getting your vehicle out of the wharf and onto the road. This includes:

• The National Car Test (NCT)
• Vehicle registration
• Paying VRT (if you have to – most people can avoid this by claiming the tax relief!)

Speak to our friendly team who are happy to assist you through the process.

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Leave it all to Willship
This includes:
Supporting you to get all key documents together
Organizing transport and freight between countries
Clearing your car through Irish customs and quarantine
Guiding you through the Irish registration process
Providing industry knowledge and experience based advice

Options to Ship Your Vehicle

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Client Testimonials

We have moved thousands of vehicles in and out of Australia. Our team understands how important it is to safely move your goods from one place to another. That is why we will look after your asset while in-transit and deliver it to the designated location whilst taking the utmost care. Whether you are purchasing aluxury or classic car from overseas or you're moving aboard and want to take your cargo with you, you can trust Willship with your shipping needs. We are the international shipping partner you can depend on and our past clients can attest to our proven track record!