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How to Get Your Car From House to Port?

An often overlooked part of shipping your car is how to actually get the car from your house to the port. While not quite as complex a process as shipping your car across the world, it can nonetheless cause a few headaches if not planned for properly. Read on to find out about the best [...]


How to Ship a Boat Overseas

HOW TO SHIP A BOAT OVERSEAS   Owning a boat can be the ultimate expression of freedom, the open seas allow you to travel wherever you want before mooring at whichever beautiful seaside town takes your fancy. Of course, despite this, when it comes to exporting a boat across the ocean from Australia, even the [...]


How to Properly Store a Classic Car

Nothing beats the thrill of taking a classic car out for a ride on a crisp spring morning. The purr of the engine and the feel of the roads in the first ride after a long winter is a true feeling to behold! However, to make sure this experience is a good one, not one [...]


Best Way to Ship Multiple Cars Overseas

Perhaps you are moving home, perhaps you are a car dealership who has just taken a big order from one client, whatever the reason shipping multiple cars to one destination brings up its own set of challenges. However, the main choice is essentially the same as if you were shipping a single vehicle. That is, [...]


Mistakes to Avoid When Shipping a Vehicle Overseas

Shipping a car, bike or motorhome overseas is an incredibly safe and easy way to send a vehicle to another country. Whether you are moving house, going on an extended holiday, or simply selling your car, shipping is often the best way to do this. However, in order to make the process go as smoothly [...]


Best motorcycle road trips in New Zealand

BEST MOTORCYCLE ROAD TRIPS IN NEW ZEALAND Taking some time off to motorcycle through New Zealand is a dream for many people. The spectacular scenery, beautiful weather and temperate climate make it the perfect location to spend some time out on two wheels. However the sheer choice of places to go can make it a [...]


What is the best way to ship a motorcycle overseas?

WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO SHIP A MOTORCYCLE OVERSEAS? Whether you are selling you bike, moving house or going on a road trip, there are many reasons for shipping your motorcycle abroad. Much like shipping a car, there are two main ways that you can ship a motorcycle abroad. Both ways are quick, safe [...]


What if my vehicle is still under finance?

If your vehicle is still under finance in Australia we can potentially still ship it across to New Zealand. Every financial lender is different so the first step will be to contact your current finance company and ask for their terms regarding taking the vehicle out of the country. Quite a few finance companies operate [...]


How Safe is it to Ship a Car Overseas?

The short answer to this question is: very safe! The longer answer is still very safe, although in this article we will explain exactly why it is so safe as well as what you can do to increase the chances of your car arriving at its destination unscathed. SHIPPING METHODS CONTAINER SHIPPING Container shipping is the safest [...]


Europe’s Best Roads to Drive On

With the traffic, stress and congestion associated with day to day car use, it can be easy to forget about the joys of driving on an open and free road. Taking a road trip can allow you to use your car for what it was made for, all the while taking in some spectacular scenery [...]


Moving to New Zealand from Australia? Here’s Everything You Need to Know.

So you’ve decided to trade the sunny beaches of Australia for the picturesque snow-laden mountains of New Zealand? To be honest, we don’t blame you, nothing wrong with Australia but New Zealand offers a simply stunning landscape, and the people are lovely! You’re also not alone, large numbers of Australians are moving to New Zealand […]


What is a Carnet de Passages and how to get one?

WHAT IS A CARNET DE PASSAGES AND HOW TO GET ONE?   If you are moving temporarily to a foreign country, taking your vehicle with you can be a great way to travel around and make the most of your time away. Of course, there are a lot of fees and expenses that can quickly [...]

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