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Customs X-Ray Vehicles – Willship & Varley Group Joint Project

        Willship International are proudly partnering with Varley group to ship three cargo x-ray vehicles from the Varley factory in Brisbane to New Zealand. These vehicles have been fitted with full cargo X-raying machines and will be used by the New Zealand Customs and Border Force to screen incoming and outgoing International [...]

Container Dimensions

Parameters of sea containers: 40' HIGH-CUBE List of All Container Types 20’GP INSIDE LENGTH: 5.895 m INSIDE WIDTH: 2.350 m INSIDE HEIGHT: 2.392 m DOOR WIDTH: 2.340 m DOOR HEIGHT: 2.292 m CAPACITY: 33 m3 TARE WEIGHT: 2230 Kgs MAX CARGO WEIGHT: 28230 Kgs 40’GP INSIDE LENGTH: 12.029 m INSIDE WIDTH: 2.350 m INSIDE HEIGHT: 2.392 m DOOR WIDTH: 2.340 m DOOR HEIGHT: 2.292 m CAPACITY: 67 m3 TARE [...]

Moving to New Zealand from Australia? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

So you've decided to trade the sunny beaches of Australia for the picturesque snow-laden mountains of New Zealand? To be honest, we don't blame you, nothing wrong with Australia but New Zealand offers a simply stunning landscape, and the people are lovely! You're also not alone, large numbers of Australians are moving to New Zealand [...]

What if my vehicle is still under finance?

If your vehicle is still under finance in Australia we can potentially still ship it across to New Zealand. Every financial lender is different so the first step will be to contact your current finance company and ask for their terms regarding taking the vehicle out of the country. Quite a few finance companies operate [...]

SCR Drift Team D1NZ Round 2

WE CHECK OUT DRIFT TEAM SUPERSTARS, SUPREME CARAVANS RACING (TEAM SCR), IN THEIR SECOND VISIT TO THE NEW ZEALAND DEMON ENERGY D1NZ NATIONAL DRIFTING CHAMPIONSHIP. After the team’s last visit to the Demon Energy D1NZ National Drifting Championship during November (which led to a disappointing early exit) Team SCR were determined to work their way [...]

Awesome Classic Cars in Movies Throughout the Ages

AT WILLSHIP INTERNATIONAL, WE LOVE CLASSIC CARS, ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY ARE FEATURED IN OUR FAVOURITE HOLLYWOOD BLOCKBUSTERS. Over the past 50 years, the entertainment industry has introduced us to some pretty spectacular, one-of-a-kind classic cars. From a self-driving Beetle to Bond’s cool Aston, Roald Dahl’s magic flying car, and three Mini Coopers that changed the [...]